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YoFav Marketing Corp., inspired by the phrase “Your Favorite”, is registered under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines on September 2022. Our Company is engaged in the marketing and trading of premium health and wellness products through a distinctive product wholesale and retail distribution—direct selling..

We started with a blazing passion to sell and provide quality FDA-registered products and a legal business opportunity to the Filipino people. We have an intricate balance of business outlook and goal with the help and guidance of our founders who are innovators and seasoned executives. They are multi-level marketing practitioners with decades of experience in a wide range of business activities including sales, marketing, manufacturing, operations, and many more.

Apart from helping people improve overall health, one of our objectives is to create a unique system that will provide a better income stream to our entrepreneurs. We founded YoFav to be a pro-distributor direct sales company with a strong commitment to giving back to society. However, there is no overnight success. Our active member bonus reflects that a great combination of hard work, dedication, and the right business opportunity can lead you to success.

Our generous and one-of-a-kind compensation system, high-quality health and wellness products, and strong and reliable YoFav tribe are just some of the forefronts of the Company.

We’re thrilled to have you on board for the YoFav business opportunity!


To be one of the top brands of health and wellness products and the leading direct sales company in the Philippines by providing unparalleled opportunities to our distributors while upholding the company’s core values.


To establish a successful online business opportunity with a unique system that will provide our distributors with a generous active member bonus, leading them toward success as a result of their efforts and perseverance.

Core Values:

We empower our entrepreneurs to be innovative and driven to create results that will lead them toward great success. We do business in accordance with our core values:
Results driven company and entrepreneurs
Excellent quality products
Learn more about people and business
Innovative business opportunity
A trustworthy company with high regard for transparency
Benefits of a flexible business opportunity
Leadership skills nurtured
Exceptional customer service.

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